Baby Bath Time

Bamboo Lulu understands we want the best for our babies. We have the opportunity to make all parts of your newborn baby’s day pure, natural and safe with a range of non-toxic baby bath products.

A lot of parents find baby bath time is the perfect time for a bonding session with their newborn. It’s a chance to concentrate with some quality one on one time. There are many things to learn in the bath such as cause and effect as they splash the water and fine motor skills practice as they chase bubbles. Enhance this special time together with organic wash cloths.

After a bath is an ideal time for baby massage. Baby massage is a strong bonding experience for babies and their parents. A relaxed baby will fall asleep easier which not only gives often tired parents great relief but you can feel satisfied that baby has drifted off to sleep feeling warm, safe and snug. Done routinely, this will establish healthy sleeping habits for your baby.