Organic Baby Bibs & Burp Cloths

Let’s face it – little kids make big messes.  It happens when they are drinking milk, when they are teething and especially when they start solids. You’ll need a stash of bamboo & organic cotton burp clothes & bibs around your home and on the go. You don’t want to wipe their tender hands and faces with just anything!

We are happy to be able to offer you the best organic composition with organic cotton print, instead of conventional cotton print, and highly absorbent bamboo backing. A winning combination – no chemicals so no irritation, anti-bacterial, odour-resistant and bamboo fibre to draw the moisture away quickly. They will catch more and hold more leaving your hands less of a sticky mess so you can grab the other things you need. Overall, it will be a less stressful affair.

You’ll also be helping to keep baby’s other organic clothing in tip-top condition. Not to mention your own clothes! These products are handcrafted with care and the designs are limited.