The first few years of raising your child sometimes seems like a long, lonely road.  There’s a lot of advice to sort through, a lot of research and internal conflict – “am I doing the right thing”. But what about first hand advice from the people going through what you are going through right now. Cue the Mothers Group. They don’t have the best reputation – in fact a lot of people I have asked simply wouldn’t have gone by choice. A few will always drop off, but if you have been lucky enough to land in a fabulous Mothers Group, it’s so satisfying.  I will look back at this part of my life with great fondness.  My top reasons for giving it a go:

  1. The laughter. What better way to distract you from reality. If you’re feeling a bit flat, there’s always a story that trumps yours. Poo explosion in the bath anyone?
  2. The support. No judging or competition allowed. Only support and empathy.  You’d be surprised how total strangers are instantly bonded by a non-sleeping baby. To remind you that you are ‘not the only one’ has a great placebo effect. You still may not get a full night’s sleep for the next few months but it’s ok.
  3. You can be yourself. Can’t manage more than a pair of trackies and a t-shirt? It’s ok. See point 2.
  4. Meet new people. Under ‘normal’ circumstances, I probably wouldn’t have met my peeps as I’m quite a bit older.  Our babies have brought us together to forge new friendships which will last many years. The other plus is that we all live within 10 minutes of each other making mumma’s nights for a bit of food and drink (without someone hanging off your leg) a lot easier.
  5. A chance to get out of the house. Good for you (it can be isolating at home) and good for the kids to get out and interact with their peers.
  6. The lessons. TMI (too much information) doesn’t apply at Mothers Group. You’ve got the gory details or the tips – share them !


** or any parenting group