Practical Items For Baby

If you are a parent you will definitely relate to some of these situations. If you are buying for a new mum or dad, they will love you.  You will get a lot of praise for thinking of them.

  • You’ve brought your new baby home. She is grizzly and feels extra warm, almost hot. Fever? ‘Where can I get a thermometer at this time of night to make sure?’
  • The baby needs re-settling, you don’t want to turn any lights on. As you tip-toe down the hallway trying not to make too much noise you mumble that you wish you could see where you are going. You know how this ends. Stubbed toe. Door jam in the arm. ‘I need to get a night light with a sensor.’
  • It’s a windy day. You are pushing the pram into the wind. It’s hard work. You want baby to be protected but the wrap flutters and flies around and you can’t keep control of it and the pram. Cue the stroller clips.

These are some of the handy things new parents wish they had when they needed them the most. Bringing baby home for the first time can be stressful and you want to be able to enjoy the experience, so having these at your time in need is life-saving. And if you are buying a gift – grab some wrapping paper and a gift card, so you have everything you need too!